10 years ago, we decided to raze the bar for what it means to be clean.

We’ve created light-activated, long-lasting cleaning products that gets rid of harmful germs continuously throughout the day to set a self-regulated hygiene foundation in your home.

Because we believe health is a fundamental human right.


Raze is a cleaning revolution

anti virus

long-lasting and microscopic

Raze’s nano photocatalyst is 5 times smaller than conventional photocatalysts (~2nm), which means it can sneak into small cracks and protect surfaces for up to 3 months.

anti bacteria

terminates 99.9% of all germs, over and over again

Raze is hyper-effective, killing all harmful pollutants stuck on surfaces or swimming through the air. It uses light to keep things clean throughout the day without reapplying.



Raze works instantly to target and terminates invisible germs, bacteria, viruses, and pollutants.

non-chemical products

no nasty chemicals

We only use natural ingredients in our products. No nasty chemicals. Safe for children and pets.


kind to surfaces, without residue

Our products preserve the quality and appearance of your surfaces without leaving marks, stains, or streaks.

long-lasting protection products

around the clock protection

Raze uses photocatalysts that store energy from the sun to re-ignite the cleaning process for up to 8 hours without light.

raze original

The secret behind the power of blue.

The organic-inorganic composite tungsten trioxide nanoparticles have a long organic chain to change the electronic structure of the particles. When charging the nanoparticles, the electrons and holes will be separated and causing the redox reactions. When they do not induce the reaction, the electrons and holes will recombine together, and emitting the blue light tuned by the organic chain.

Our active ingredient tungsten trioxide is proven to inactivate >99% SARS-CoV-2.

sanitizing spray

raze cleaning regime

One application of Raze protects you for up to 3 months. Use Raze Essentials to perform other routine clean ups like spills.

01. clean

hk sanitizing wipes

Before and after using Raze products with photocatalysts, clean surfaces with Raze Essentials.


02. Spray

cleaning spray

Once Surfaces are clean and dry, apply Raze with photocatalysts from an arms length away with an even, fine coating.


03. Light

hygiene products

Allow 3 hours of drying for the nano-coating to form and set. Enjoy 3 months of germ-free air!

Why we need more than just traditional cleaning methods

Raze 24-Hour Laboratory Experiment



No cleaning nor coating applied.


Cleaned with Raze Essential.

Clean + Coat

Cleaned + coated with Raze Items.

results at hour 24

anti bacteria
anti virus

kills 99.9% of all germs

Airborne, interpersonal, and on the surface germs are how diseases spread. We’re here to shield you from that possibility.

With over 10 years of R&D experience, we’re known as a leader in the nanotechnology realm of hygiene. We exist to protect and improve human life.

Protection performance


SARS-CoV-2 Inactivation Rate

Results demonstrated a >99% inactivation rate on SARS-CoV-2.

See report here +


H1N1 Virucidal Rate

Results demonstrated a >99% virucidal rate on H1N1.

See report here +


E. Coli Decomposition Rate

Results demonstrated a >99% bacterial decomposition rate on E.Coli.

See report here +

see all statistics

Safety performance

Free of hazardous substances.

No hazardous substances detected in Raze Original solution*

*Based on Toxicological Risk Assessment (SGS)

See report here +

Free of mircro-oganisms.

No presence of hazardous microorganisms detected in Raze Wood solution*

*Based on SGS report

See report here +

Free of alcohol.

No harsh alcohols were found in Raze Original solution*

*Tested by Intertek

See report here +

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