RAZE Technology: from Technology to Innovation


RAZE Technology through relentless R&D in nano material science, RAZE has successfully commercialized technical-grade photocatalyst with the notion of protecting human life with light-activated cleaning technology that caters to different industries, users, and scenarios. We have set a new standard of hygiene with a protection ecosystem consisting of an antibacterial coating service for businesses, photocatalyst and sanitizing products for homes, and photocatalyst paint for buildings.

RAZE's self-sanitizing coating service is designed for large spaces. Since 2019, the service has covered over 41,022,185 square feet and over 200,000 units in Hong Kong. The service is conducted by a professional in-house team with specialized equipment, optimizing the sanitizing power of RAZE.

RAZE has created a diversified product portfolio of sanitizing products for domestic and personal use based on people's sanitizing needs in their homes. The company aims to fulfil the needs of home hygiene by integrating photocatalyst technology into their product line up.

RAZE integrates its patented photocatalyst technology into premium latex paint (with zero formaldehyde and VOCs) to protect against a wide range of pathogens and achieve functions, such as anti-mold and anti-formaldehyde. RAZE's photocatalyst paint has been used commercially by different developers for new buildings and renovations.

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