Purify your air

With the power of light.

Gone with the flick of a switch

  • Bacteria

    Bacteria can multiply faster than your dirty laundry. Wipe them out for good.

  • Viruses

    From the common cold, to debilitating flus, there’s no cure for most viruses. Neutralize them at their source.

  • VOC

    These nasty chemicals are bad news for your health.

  • Odor

    Never again will you walk in your front door and smell the salmon you poached for dinner five nights ago.

If only indoor pollutants were as obvious as dirty dishes

It’s one thing to tackle the pile of plates teetering your sink, but another entirely to clean something you can’t smell, feel, or even see, even if it’s all around you.

The air quality in our homes and offices can be up to five times worse than it is outside, and we spend more than 80% of our time indoors.

Our Solution.

Raze’s breakthrough photocatalyst technology uses light to break down air pollutants, rendering them obsolete and your environment healthier and more comfortable. 

Simply spray Raze on any indoor surface to apply a long-lasting, nontoxic coating that cleans your air while you go about your day.



Where we spend our time has a significant impact on our overall wellness. It's simple. If our surroundings are unwell, it will impact us negatively.


Raze’s photocatalyst nano-particles form a durable self-sanitizing coating on any surface.


Our superior photocatalysts become excited when they're exposed to any forms of light, not just UV. When they're excited, the particles release electrons and form reactive oxygen.


The reactive oxygen then binds to pollutants and decompose them into harmless water and carbon dioxide molecules. Raze continues to work for up to 8 hours even after the lights go out, providing you with 24-hour-a-day protection.

Supercharge it

Want some extra oomph? Increase Raze’s purifying power 3X by supercharging it for 5 minutes.

A new kind of clean

  • Focused instant action

    Target the source, decompose immediately.

  • 24 Hr Protection

    Raze activates with room light. Furthermore, there will be continuous effect for 8 hours even without light!

  • Long Lasting Coating

    A single coating provides continuous protection for up to 7 days, even with regular cleaning.

  • Proactive Purification

    Spray onto any surfaces to create self-sanitizing coating that also purifies your air.

Results that speak for themselves

We rigorously test our technology to ensure its safety and efficacy. Raze protects you from bacteria, viruses, gaseous chemicals, and mold, guaranteeing your victory in an ongoing battle against the pollutants you can’t see.