Achieving Excellence: our Commitment to Quality


Throughout every stage of our operations, from research and development to testing and validation, and ultimately production, RAZE maintains rigorous standards to provide our customers with a satisfying and exceptional experience.

Research and Development

We conducted extensive research on over 200 brands in the market, analysing the pros and cons of each product. We evaluated toxicity of ingredients through epidemiological and experimental study, and surveyed international regulatory restrictions. We implemented strict restriction criteria for all ingredients, assessing carcinogenicity, endocrine disruption, bioaccumulation, sensitization, and more. After a thorough analysis of all product categories over a period of six months, our research and development team determined which features should be included to satisfy our customers' expectations and align with our sustainability goals. This included careful consideration of ingredients, formula composition, and product design.

Testing and Validation


We carefully evaluate and test each and every ingredient that we utilize to ensure the utmost safety, efficacy and integrity. The process involves careful consideration of a variety of factors, including susceptibility, exposure, and final formulation.

We place particular emphasis on the safety of our products, in recognition of the fact that certain individuals, such as babies, may be more susceptible to certain chemicals than others. Our process involves evaluating how each ingredient interacts with others, in order to ensure that the final formulation is safe, and meets our high standards and delivers on our promise.


we conduct thorough investigations into potentially concerning ingredients, carefully examining the relationship between dose and effect, as well as assessing the anticipated exposure in the event that an ingredient is used in one of our products.

By pulling together and analysing this comprehensive information, we are able to fully characterize each ingredient's potential function in our products, ensuring that only the safest and most effective substances are utilized.

Quality Control

We require that our partners follow RAZE's manufacturing standards, which serve as a guide for our selection of manufacturing partners.

RAZE upholds strict manufacturing standards to ensure consistent quality. Our partners must maintain controlled documentation and records of the production process, and follow stringent cleaning and safety protocols. Additionally, we expect compliance with laboratory standards, including environmental controls and air quality.

We also demand proactive measures to address quality control complaints and prevent future challenges. These measures highlights our commitment to providing exceptional, high-quality products that exceed customer expectations.

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