Meet Siu Tung and Minnie

Founders of Saturn Wood Workshop 

With the help of Raze, Siu Tung and Minnie found a cleaning solution and service for their workshop that is pet-friendly and time-saving. The meticulousness of the Raze Inside team demonstrated a level of care for small businesses within the community that allows small business owners to feel safe and confident.

“With the application of Raze's photocatalyst, we reduced the time of cleaning, and it is also pet-friendly.”

Saturn Wood's Story

The story began with an expensive cajon, a wooden box drum. The duo had an idea when they saw the expensive price tag, wondering if they can build their own. 
Siu Tung and Minnie turned to the internet to research on the skills required for becoming a carpenter. After trial and error, they realized that woodworking is tailored to the person that is making the product.

Their products, tailor-made wooden products are time consuming and requires attention to detail with great meticulousness.

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With the growing interest for handmade wooden products, they decided to share their passion with the rest of the world and thus, Saturn Wood Workshop was born.

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