Meet Kenneth from Loft Haircut

Founder of Loft Haircut

No matter how busy or stressed you are, a hair salon is a place that we all frequent from time-to-time. Raze took every precaution to protect every inch of Loft Haircut salon, ensuring a safe space to simply enjoy the joy of a haircut. Loft crafts your look and Raze ensures your comfort!

"The Raze team's supporting facilities and technology are very professional, and the photocatalyst disinfection coating has taken care of every small inch for me."

The Story of Loft Haircut

Located in the industrial zone of Dayou Street, you can find a high-quality single scissors shop built with an industrial style. With its unique playfulness and its integration within the local environment, this unique design style and layout gives everyone a different high-quality quick-cut experience.

Initially, the high-end pricing of the Loft deterred a lot of customers, but after experiencing Kenneth’s styling direction and 20 years of hairstyling experience, Loft has garnered a cult following.

Loft Haircut is special to him, an entrepreneurship promise he made with his closest friends before, leading to the success and establishment of Loft Haircut today. He continues to live by his motto, “Never give up on the pursuit of dreams, always give it your all.”.

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Different hair stylists approach different hair designs differently, accommodating what you like. Every client has different face shapes and hairstyles, so thus require high-quality hair stylists who answer to their personalised needs.

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