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Meet GAIA Holistic Living - Kristy 

Founder of GAIA 

Classrooms are frequented by visitors daily, Kristy holds a high standard of hygiene.
Our team at Raze provided a professional Raze Inside application at the GAIA studio, strengthening the protection for instructors and students alike, allowing them to be able to better concentrate with no interruptions. 

“RAZE provides classrooms with an anti-bacterial coating that protects the health of instructors and students, allowing the customers of GAIA to feel safe.”

The Story of GAIA 

The word GAIA means the Earth in Greek Mythology, representing creation and nurturing; Holistic Living represents a well-rounded way of life, a fulfilling core that views life as a sum of its parts. 

It’s not easy to have an ordinary life,
Kristy hopes that everyone can build an ordinary and peaceful life for themselves.

As a yoga instructor and holistic healer. Kristy has made it her career to share holistic living.

She set a goal to open her own classroom with a goal in mind: provide a holistic space to heal the body and soul. 

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GAIA introduced a different course, such as flower essences, yoga, holistic wellness, and spirituality training.

She hopes to provide everyone a way of healing that works, building a calm and safe haven in everyone’s heart. 

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