Meet Phyllis from The Book Cure

Raze team ensured every corner of the little bookstore was coated with the photocatalyst solution, allowing customers to feel safe with books and reading during the pandemic. Raze hopes despite the pandemic, everyone can still find a book that understands you, grasping a feeling once lost. 

"Raze’s nano-coating can bring customers an extra sense of security, an extra layer of protection."

The Story of The Book Cure

On the Po Wu Street of Tai Po, is a bookstore that is chic casual and stylish. The lights in the bookstore are ones that resembles childhood memories as well as nostalgic Hong Kong.

The bookshelf outside the door is not only full of books that are free. The books in the store for sale are also extremely affordable. In this new digital age, how many are still willing to hold on to the binded pages that we once did?

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Hong Kong people are always so busy. Phyllis holds on to a simple wish, and hopes that the bookstore will reignite the love for reading. She hopes it’ll be a space where people can put down their biggest worries.

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