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Meet Hinry from Affee

Co-Founder of Affee

Raze’s photocatalyst nanotechnology is of great help to Affee. There’s plenty of natural light within Affee’s shop which means effortless cleaning against bacteria and pollutants. Hinry expresses many traditional cleaners are harmful towards pet, but Raze’s formula is safe for pets and kids, making it safe to use. 

“The full gear of application specialists shows just how detail-oriented Raze is. Every corner, every crevice is sprayed with precision, this made me understand how applicable Raze is for everywhere!”

The Story of Affee

Coffee brewed with friendship, aspiration, and a certain attitude. When you awake with the ring of your alarm clock, is your close friend from high school still by your side? The one who has gone through everything with you in tough times. These four guys are long time buddies, and they show their love for each other with no reservation.

From going to school, playing soccer, studying, to gaming. From opening up the together, cleaning, brewing coffee, washing cups, going through tough times. Time spent is like time spent brewing coffee, bitter. Luckily they never drifted apart, they stuck together through the struggle between all the hopes and dreams. They became each other’s shield.  

"Meeting Friends with Coffee" - They hope everyone who visits Affee, will be able to see it as a home. Have a coffee to shed the tiresomeness and stress in their lives; Taste a cup of coffee to find those who can become life long confidantes; Sip a cup of coffee to let the soul live in the now; Drink a cup of coffee to bring peace to the heart.

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On the stage, sits a guitar and a polaroid camera, allowing those who take inspiration during their visit to capture the moment.
When the sunlight sprinkles along the pavement of Hau Wo St in front of the building. It shines through the window, through to the ground, desk, and dancing guitar. 

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