New Modern Hygiene Standard

RAZE strives for scientific and technological innovation, meanwhile insists on the value of people-oriented - to give technology back to our dailylife, bring multi-level of health protections to people with diversified sanitizing products, which allowing people to maintain hygiene without sacrificing other life pursuits. RAZE is going to redefines a new standard of Modern Hygiene by its unique series: clean and coat.


[ /kliːn/ ] Instant disinfection

RAZE clean series uses BKC as the main body to provide instant disinfection and sterilization effect, avoiding skin sensitivity caused by alcohol or other irritating products. The unique SilverMist provide a wooden and citrus smell, the refreshing feeling allows you to maintain the pursuit of life while pursuing hygiene, redefining the imagination of cleanliness.


[ /kəʊt/ ], 3 months long lasting self-disinfection

RAZE most iconic photocatalyst technology has officially launched a new generation formula. With the latest photocatalyst technology, it can provide long-term sterilization and anti-virus protection among different materials for every touches of living, so that you can receive the most real protection all day long.