Raze 陶瓷(即將推出)

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怎麼讓你的洗手間日常保持清潔? Raze Ceramic能夠生成淨化空氣的塗層,並利用光能發揮作用。

Raze Ceramic (Coming Soon)

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Pollutants like mold and bacteria love humid environments like your bathroom. What’s worse, is that every time you flush your toilet, it plumes: sending pollutants airborne like a volcano. Raze Ceramic is specially designed to form a self-sanitizing coating for your bathroom surfaces. Flush freely- maintain control on bacteria, odors and mold with Raze.


Ultrapure water, Titanium dioxide, titanium tetranitrate, diacetone alcohol.

How to use
  1. Always test on an un-seen area before use. Cover surfaces and valuables that require protection, such as artwork.
  1. Avoid applying high concentration of Raze in small area - aim to achieve fine, even coating.
  1. Store in a cool, dry place - avoid high temperatures.
  1. Keep out of reach from children, food, cutlery, metal products, fire, or electrical switches.
  1. General skin contact is safe; however, please wash thoroughly with water. If you have sensitive skin, please wear proper protection. Avoid contact with eyes, nose or mouth; if contact is made, please wash thoroughly with water. If you feel unwell, please consult your doctor.