Photocatalyst Protective Film (Tesla Model Y/3)
Photocatalyst Protective Film (Tesla Model Y/3)

Photocatalyst Protective Film (Tesla Model Y/3)

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Description of Photocatalyst Protective Film (Tesla Model Y/3)

Specially made for Tesla Model 3 or Model Y


  • Continuously inactivates over 99.9% viruses (including COVID-19) and bacteria in 24 hours
  • Smooth and sleek and easy to clean
  • Compatible with traditional cleaning methods, including the usage of bleach and alcohol-based cleaning agents


  • Inactivate >99% COVID-19
  • Inactivate >99% pathogens including virus and bacterias
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Protection beyond filtration.

Double defence against harmful pathogens with continuous sanitation with enhanced disinfection by photocatalyst.

Our masks honor the KN95 guidelines, but excel beyond their functionality with two protective photocatalyst layers that kill germs and bacteria immediately upon contact. It is designed to sit off of the face to avoid irritating the skin and to create more room to breathe. Look good, feel good, stay protected.

1- Photocatalyst Layer Coating

Antiviral and antibacterial

2 - HD Transparent Tempered Glass

Smooth , sleek and easy to clean


01. Inactivate 99% Virus & Bacteria

Effective against the following pathogens:

see All Test report here >


touch-up, zoom, click and other touch functions can be easily operated


RAZE's protective film is tailor-made for the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y touch screen.

04. Scratch and Wear Resistance

The surface is treated with intensified technology to improve the performance of anti-scratch protection without leaving fingerprints.

RAZE Protective Film

Traditional Protective film

Protection Mechanism

Beyond Filtration: Kill


Inhibit the Growth of Germs



Antibacterial & Antiviral



Continuous Sanitization

Every second


Compatible with traditional cleaning agents,






what our users say about us:

在陶 Inpottery Land

I was rather perplexed when I first saw that this product utilizes photocatalyst technology. However, after familiarizing myself with the product’s ingredients and technicality, my trust in Raze soared. Now I understand why Raze garners so much support and how its effectiveness is validated by so many users.

Hiuchi Art

The fact that this product is specifically made for ceramic products is very assuring and I no longer have to worry about the possibility of unknown formulas damaging my ceramic products. 
Most bathroom accessories are made of ceramic and bathrooms are the epicentre of bacterial growth. Raze ceramic creates a coating that targets these surfaces and creates a coating that prevents the exponential growth of pollutants.

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