RAZE Sanitizing Spray - SilverMist (10ml)
RAZE Sanitizing Spray - SilverMist (10ml)
RAZE Sanitizing Spray - SilverMist (10ml)
RAZE Sanitizing Spray - SilverMist (10ml)
RAZE Sanitizing Spray - SilverMist (10ml)

RAZE Sanitizing Spray - SilverMist (10ml)

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Description of RAZE Sanitizing Spray - SilverMist (10ml)


"One-Minute Clean"

SilverMist [/ˈsɪl.vər/ /mɪst/]

The RAZE SilverMist. Designed with the refreshing citrus as the headnote, exuding the vibrant tropical forest flavor of the morning mist, accompanied by the base note of the pleasant Cedarwood, Sage and Nutmeg aroma that assertively supports the pensive sensorial experience. Quintessentially re-defining the concept of "a sanitized home".

Headnote - Citrus

Base note - Sage, Cedarwood, Nutmeg


  • Use of Benzalkonium Chloride, laboratory-tested to kill 99.99% of bacteria which can terminate Coronavirus
  • High bactericidal efficacy with hypoallergenic and low stimulation properties, friendly to surfaces and skin
  • Alcohol-free, while added with Chamomile and Aloe Vera extract
  • Portable twist-top design for on-the-go
  • Refill set is provided, which can refill by just simple 3 steps, and eliminate the hassle of pouring process of normal refill packs 

Direction of use:
Twist the cap and it is ready to be used. Apply on various surfaces and skin for sterilization purpose

Suggest to apply together with The coat series for a better disinfection effect.



1. Preserved at room temperature and stored in a ventilated and dry place.
2. Keep out of reach of children.
3. External disinfection products are not suitable for oral or any other aerosol inhalation.
4. Do not use on inflamed, broken or sensitive skin.
5. Avoid contact with eyes. In case of contact with eyes, rinse thoroughly with water.
6. If skin irritation occurs, wash affected area and discontinue use.
7. If product is directly ingested , seek medical attention immediately.