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We're setting the foundation for what it means to be clean.

Nanotechnology to the rescue


Embed your home with hygiene

Raze products use photocatalysts to eliminate pollutants and purify the air over and over again.


A material that uses light to produce Hydroxyl Radicals (OH) that convert pathogens in the atmosphere into carbon dioxide and water.

Nobel Prize winner, Paul Crutzen, calls photocatalysts, "the detergent of the atmosphere.”

Science behind the future of clean

Photocatalysts were created to better understand how to manipulate chemical bonds into new forms. Raze uses this science to protect human life with light-activated cleaning products.

This is the hygiene standard the world needs to be truly healthy.

Not your average cleaner




Traditional cleaning products form a temporary film on the surface when they dry.

Raze layers surfaces with a heavy-duty shield that forms to the polymer when contacted with UV Light.

Size (nm)

10nm on average.

Raze’s nano photocatalyst is 5 times smaller than conventional photocatalysts (~2nm), meaning it can sneak into small cracks and protect surfaces for longer. 


Normal structure.

Structurally more refined, with better energy absorption and a higher amplitude of electrons releasing.

A long-lasting, reliable foundation

Raze is rethinking hygiene to protect people everywhere. We use nanotechnology, rigorous testing, sustainable materials, and light-activated cleaning technology to ensure your home has a layer of clean security built in.

Click on any indoor pathogens to see how Raze eliminates it.

Raze your hygiene standard

Raze Original
Raze Original
Long term disinfection
Atomized disinfection gun
Nano photocatalyst coating

Raze Original

Raze Original Travel Size
Raze Original Travel Size
Raze Original Travel Size
Raze Original Travel Size

Raze Original Travel Size

Nano antibacterial coating
Nano antibacterial coating
Raze Starter Set
Wisdom sterilization coating
Long acting sterilization spray

Raze Starter Set