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Simple steps to self-sanitizing hygiene

  • Fill up the online form here

    Fill out this online form and, it will only take you 30 seconds to complete it and schedule an appointment.

  • Initial Air Quality test

    Our senior techinicans will carry on a pre-test to check the levels of the air quality before start with the treatment.

  • Treatment takes palce

    The treatments will take place, this process usually lasts from about couple of hours, up to 24h etc place holder text.

  • Post treatment Air Quality test

    Once the treatment has finished, our senior technicians will measure again the air quality to monitor the effectivity.

  • Official Air Quality report

    Finally you’ll get a proffesional report about the air quality in your workspace.

Scientific grade cleaning for your workspace

Get started in less than 30 seconds.

Why Raze

  • Industry leading service

    We partner with qualified environmental service specialists to provide medical-grade protection.

  • IAQ compliant

     Our detailed air quality measurement reports will help you achieve the IAQ Certification.

  • 5-year guarantee

    just because we are that confident in what we do.

The Raze difference

  • Decompose indoor pollutants

    Raze safely decomposes bacteria, viruses, odors and VOCs into H2O and CO2

  • Long lasting coating:

    A single coating provides continuous protection for 3 months

  • 24 Hr protection

    Raze activates with any kind of light. Furthermore, it continues to work for 8 hours even without light!

  • Focused instant action

    Target the source, purify immediately

Testimonials and case studies

Not just take it from us, watch the videos with testimonials and case studies and find out from our happy customers.

  • Asthma & Allergies

    -Boc S.

  • Mold Allergies

    -Dr. Gordan

  • Multi Chemical Sensitivity

    – Kim H.

Work-space hygiene, starting at $10/sqft.

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