Across the Universe of Art & Fashion

Bringing Imagination that Transcends Cosmic Universe into New Normal

For the past two years, while the pandemic changed our way of living, it also offers the space and opportunity for us to think, of what kind of future we should pursue.

In February 2022, a unique experience in the theme “Across the Universe of Art & Fashion”. Combining art and fashion, this distinctive project will transport you into a cosmic universe to explore the ever-changing, boundless future.Through a wide range of collaborations, art exhibitions and multi-dimensional experiences, the pop-up store reiterates the message that “the future is all-embracing just like the universe”. It symbolizes our determination to further their effort in bringing a healthier future to the society and to transform themselves into a technological lifestyle brand. Besides to continue the advanced development of medical face masks, they will also dive into other home disinfection product range, finding the roots and tackling the problems of viruses, bacteria, odours, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), moulds etc. 

What We’re Offering Inside?

RAZE x Billionaire Boys Club @G/F

Billionaire Boys Club is the world-renowned clothing, accessories and lifestyle brand founded by Pharell Williams and Nigo in 2003. Their motto “Wealth is of the heart and mind. Not the pocket” epitomizes the brand’s vision and values, and it is this perseverance, RAZE resonates with their own believe and pursuit of health for body and mind. However small a step it may seem, its importance shines just like the “Stardust” in the universe, intangible, but it roams everywhere.

It is because of their similar visions, RAZE and Billionaire Boys Club jointly present the exclusive “Stardust Denim” colour. Surgical masks in “Stardust Denim” colour will be available exclusively on the ground floor of the pop-up store, showcasing the “Health is the new wealth” belief.

*RAZE x Billionaire Boys Club Limited Edition “Stardust Denim” Antibacterial Mask will be showcased exclusively at the pop-up store during Feb 10-18, and will be available for sale exclusively at the pop-up starting from Feb 19. Purchase arrangement please refer to the product page.

Know More

RAZE x Lingmuki – Supernova Arts Exhibition @1/F

RAZE works with rising local artist – Lingmuki – on an exhibition that tells the story of the “Supernova” through 12 artworks using RAZE+ Photocatalytic Latex Paint. To mark this special collaboration, live-painting sessions took place on 7th – 9th February 2022 on the wall of the pop-up store, demonstrating RAZE’s 2022 developments through art. Lingmuki will use RAZE+ paints in 10 colours that are also found in the RAZE medical face mask range. The vibrant colours and mediums, combined with Lingmuki’s unique palette knife painting technique, the live painting stands as an exceptional representation of RAZE’s diversity and vibrancy. Through the live-painting, visitors would not only be able to witness Ling’s creative process, but also the colour system and technology behind RAZE+ paint. 

RAZE x TELEPORT – Immersive Digital Art Experience @2/F

TELEPORT is a collective multi-media creation of art, experience, and story. Through interactions and human contacts, it encourages visitors to reach and break the boundaries of human-machine creativity. RAZE works with TELEPORT to bring about an immersive digital art experience. Using digital and kinetic technology, it manifests RAZE’s breakthroughs and innovations through the story of “Supernova” and takes us on a journey between virtual and reality, now and future. RAZE makes its entrance to the metaverse for the first time with its participation in “Mart in Metaverse”, a virtual Chinese New Year Market. This link between virtual and reality goes to show RAZE’s determination to discover more ways to improve life and the future.

*Social distancing policy is applied on 1/F and 2/F;
Subject to change according to the latest policy.

Join our adventure in

G/F to 2/F, 16 Kai Chiu Road, Causeway Bay (Opposite of Hysan Place)