Meet Child Station • Wildplay


Raze’s team has been able to disinfect every corner of Wildplay, building a safe and clean environment for children, allowing them to play with ease. Wildplay has also been able to create a safe and protected learning environment for the kids that require the most protection.

"The team of Raze is so detailed to spray every thing, allowing us to be at ease with children learning at Wildplay."

The Mission of Child Station 

Basing the concept off of the Australian children learning standards, their values allow for learning in an environment with surrounding nature, heightening the learning experience through multi-sensorial senses. They promote a hands-on learning experience, with interactivity being the theme of every class, enhancing learning.

Due to the necessity of access to nature, this poses a challenge to Wildplay, however, they stayed true to their core and built this environment with patience. 

Wildplay’s outdoor garden changes the theme seasonally. Garden provides components of nature like gravel, wood, and water, etc. Children are encouraged to walk around the feel for things by themselves to engage their senses and  learn to dig, pick up rocks, fetch water themselves, letting parents understand mother nature is the best teacher. 

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Wildplay also has all kinds of slides, large inflatables. Many children are in touch with these things, especially with soda bottles, cotton wands, etc. There are no set “toys”, allowing the children to engage in creative play with one another. 

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