Meet Shell from Car Service

Shell has launched the all-new Raze photocatalyst cabin spraying service with 180 Days effectiveness. The service applies a professional-grade photocatalyst coating on any car interior, fomring a long-lasting disinfection coating on the surface.

“With the application of photocatalyst, we hope our citizens and drivers are safe in specific public transportation.”

Their Mission

As a global energy company operating in a challenging world, Shell set high standards for performance and ethical industry practice.

Shell is judged by how their service – their reputation is upheld by how they live up to their core values of honesty, integrity and respect for people. Sustainability at Shell means providing more and cleaner energy solutions in a responsible way.

The Raze photocatalysts reacts when they are exposed to any form of light, not just UV. Once they react, the particles release electrons and form oxygen.

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The reactive oxygen then binds to bacteria, viruses, odors, and VOCs and safely decomposes them into harmless water and carbon dioxide molecules.

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