Photocatalyst Latex Paint

RAZE+ paint
protection paint

Through 10 years of vigorous research and development, Raze successfully commercialized photocatalyst technology into real-life applications and services that are practical for everyone. Not only do our patented photocatalyst solutions activate under visible light, they also form durable coatings on different surfaces that last up to 12 months. We’re setting the foundation for what it means to be clean.

Join the Raze Revolution: Let’s forge a new generation of clean together.


Medical Grade Photocatalyst Latex Paint


all-in-one Photocatalyst Latex Paint

odorless multifunctional primer

anti bacteria

Raze+ Paint active ingredient inactivates >99% sars-cov-2

Each space treated with Raze photocatalyst paint will be given certification plates to inform your customers and staff the innovative protection you're providing.

self sanitizing
cleaning service
cleaning service hk
coating service hk
RAZE coating service