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With the help of Raze and its photocatalyst nanotechnology, Office Plus is able to provide businesses a clean and safe working environment, enabling their employees to work efficiently under an anti-bacterial environment. Raze presents itself as a sustainable solution to help businesses feel secure, providing a hygienic work environment. 

“With the application of photocatalyst, Raze provide us a safe working environment.”

Their Mission

Office Plus provides well designed, fully-furnished and equipped office units with flexible rental terms to businesses, allowing them flexibility and simplicity in the process of starting a business.  

A work place are often the second home for employers and employees alike, so it is important that the safety and hygiene at home is translated to work life. 

Office Plus interiors are pleasant and contemporary, designed to make work both efficient and fun.

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Office Plus is ideal for SMEs and start-ups with flexible leasing arrangement.

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