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Meet Lucas Lai from Hotel Madera

Head of Madera's Hospitality Management

With the help of Raze, Madera is safeguarded with Raze's photocatalyst nanotechnology solution, effectively showcasing the impact Raze may have on the hospitality industry. Not only can Raze create a safer environment for visitors staying at a hotel, but also protect those who work within the hospitality industry.  

“I love Raze because it provides a long-term solution, requiring re-sterilization only twice a year.”

Madera's Mission

To ensure the well-being of guests by offering them a warm and happy stay. This goal to create a relaxing escape for guests is what drives Hotel Madera everyday. 

Inspired by the vitality of Barcelona and the leisurely Spanish lifestyle, Madera's residences was carefully crafted by renowned Spanish design firm Lagranja with lush décor and an air of serenity, delivering an urban oasis with the touch of Spanish charm to guests.  

The Madera group has been assessed and certified as meeting the standards and requirements of the SGS Hygiene Control Management Systems.

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Hong Kong's First Hospitality Group to adopt Raze Nano-Photocatalyst Technology,  providing a safe and clean environment for their customers.

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