As the epidemic continues, we should progress to other levels and achieve a higher standard of cleanliness. In June 2022, RAZE officially returned to the original location of the Pop-up Store in Central a year ago, presenting you with a new concept with the brand new store - New standard of Modern Hygiene, to allow you to enjoy all-round protection without giving up other life pursuits!

G/F - Showcase of All Products and Collaboration Zone

A variety of RAZE's new formula products and eco-friendly packaging were grandly unveiled, displayed one by one on the G/F for your purchase. The "RAZE x Cynthia Mak", "RAZE x Humchuk" and "RAZE x Isaac Spellman" are displaying at the collaboration zone at the same floor. The collaboration zone is now themed with Isaac Spellman's art and design. Feel free to come and take pictures and check-in on social media!

1/F - SilverMist Themed Zone

RAZE's newly launched Sanitizing Spray is specially equipped with a clean scent, SilverMist, which redefines people's imagination of cleanliness; 1/F is an experience area full of SilverMist flavor, where various fragrance ingredients are displayed to deconstruct the production of SilverMist's fragrance, and people can experience the refreshing sensory experience of SilverMist - with the mixing of grapefruit and citrus fruit aromas.

2/F - RAZE x LeeeeeeToy Exhibition

Born & based in Hong Kong, LeeeeeeToy's idea of daring to break the rules of ordinary toys is echoing to the value of RAZE, which makes protection unlimited and to bring a different lifestyle through creativity. You can savor the unique sparks generated by the crossover of RAZE and this local toy unit.LeeeeeeToy started the "EARTHLY SUPERSTORE" Toy Exhibition since June, and the extended toy exhibition is going to launch in August with the theme of "New Normal Era", featuring more than 10 local independent toy units starting from Aug 6th. The "New Normal Era" Toy Exhibition lasts until Aug 21st. Come and visit us!

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