RAZE Central store renews its look. RAZE announces to have another cooperation with the popular street brand Billionaire Boys Club for this season, joining hands with BBC sub-label - ICECREAM for the first time. New collaborations have landed in Central store, merging clean lifestyles into street culture, shaping the trendy looks of this winter for you!

G/F - Showcase of All Products and Collaboration Zone

Full series of RAZE x Billionaire Boys Club and RAZE x ICECREAM products have been grandly unveiled, displayed one by one on the G/F for your selection. The collaboration zone is now themed with the classic Billionaire Boys Club “Astronaut” neon logo; ICECREAM is themed with a bold color contrast style and bright red "Running Dog '' pattern. Spicing up life, welcome to take pictures and check-in on social media!

1/F - BBC & ICECREAM Themed Zone

Apart from RAZE x Billionaire Boys Club and RAZE x ICECREAM products, more merchandising of BBC and ICECREAM, including clothing, accessories, home goods, etc also showcased at 1/F. RAZE satisfies everyone's pursuit of fashion items, bringing style and playfulness to winter!

2/F - RAZE x LeeeeeeToy Exhibition

Born & based in Hong Kong, LeeeeeeToy's idea of daring to break the rules of ordinary toys is echoing to the value of RAZE, which makes protection unlimited and to bring a different lifestyle through creativity. You can savor the unique sparks generated by the crossover of RAZE and this local toy unit.LeeeeeeToy started the "EARTHLY SUPERSTORE" Toy Exhibition since June, and the extended toy exhibition is going to launch in August with the theme of "New Normal Era", featuring more than 10 local independent toy units starting from Aug 6th. The "New Normal Era" Toy Exhibition lasts until Aug 21st. Come and visit us!

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