Meet Alvin from Alri Star Leather

Leather is a tricky material to manage and clean because of how the fibrous material requires delicate cleaning. After comparing several brands, Alvin chose us, because of our differentiated target formulations. The certified Raze Leather report gave Alvin extra confidence in us. 

"Compared to traditional cleaning products, Raze is safer, more efficient, and long-lasting. Most important of all, it does not affect the leather material” 

Their Mission

Owner Alvin started in a leather workshop in Kwun Tong and established the Alri Star Leather Workshop in Sham Shui Po. It’s been 11 years and so many unique handbags have been originated there. Customers walk away with more than a bag, they walk away with laborious care, effort, and passion.

He said with a smile: "The plasticity of leather art is very high, and it is both soft and hard. It is unexpected." In his eyes, the passion and obsession with leather art always shines.

First time offering apprenticeship, a lot of students expressed difficulties in finding the necessary materials. He hopes to normalise the leather-making culture to bring all kinds of accessories, functional backpacks, Italian leather, leather dyes, etc into the workshop.

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Hand-craft art is something that takes time, which may not satisfy the lifestyle of speed in Hong Kong. Thus, Alvin chose a lot of entry-level materials, so the busy-bees of Hong Kong can own something leather of their own. He hopes this will inspire more to want to understand the art behind leather: innovation, to allow for longevity. 

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