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Here's a clean deal for your business.

Industrial Solutions


To maintain the hygiene of your business, reapply products every three hours requires a lot of time and resources, resulting in a ton of waste.

Tell us your business needs, Raze's Inside team will tailor a proposal with a quotation to preemptive hygiene and safety into your business.

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7# Spraying

Carefully trained and qualified Raze practitioners study your surfaces to ensure a leak-proof, best even-coating possible, where the nanoparticles are best aligned, improving the coating performance.

Each square meter of surfaces will be covered by 7 strokes and 7 stripes of spraying hierarchically, best ensuring a sufficient but not over-sprayed coverage, and also the most efficient servicing time.

All Set

Raze photocatalyst spray is colorless, odorless, non-toxic, and safe for human and pets. Protective equipment is not required for anyone who is present on-site. Allow 1 hour for surface to dry out and coating to form and daily work can be resume.

Display your company’s commitment to providing a hygienic and safe space for customers and employees.

Ignite And Decompose

Raze sanitation coatings use light destroys the widest range of pollutants including viruses and VOCs continuously. The nanotechnology protects your business and your employees for up to two years! 


RAZE Promises

No Nasty Chemicals

Certified by 3rd party testing institute. Safe for children and pets.

Earth Friendly

Eliminates pollution and purify the air, without consuming additional energy.


Protects your environment without compromising appearance.

24h protection

Raze activates with any kind of light, and work up to 8 hours without it.

Display your commitment to making your work environment safe and clean.

See RAZE Inside Clients

Display your commitment to making your work environment safe and clean.

See RAZE Inside Clients

Establish your company as a pioneer in adopting innovative, long-lasting sanitising solutions.

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