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Large Scale Solutions



Securing large scale hygiene for public spaces or workplaces is hard to do. Raze makes it easy.

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Talk with the Raze Team

We’ll conduct a consultation meeting to understand the current hygiene of your business and how we can best serve you.

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We’ll Apply the Raze Solution

7# Spraying

Our team will come in and coat your business with our protective solution. Every square meter of space will be sprayed by the air compressors built by Raze to forming the fast-drying coating evenly.

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Raze is in Effect

All Set

Raze only takes an hour to set. Then, depending on the size of your space, you’re protected from viruses, bacteria, odors, and germs for up to 2 years.

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Hygiene is Health, Health is a Human Right

Raze sets a foundation on surfaces that uses light to get rid of pollutants while purifying the air for up to 2 years of protection!

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Our Hygiene Standards

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No Nasty Chemicals

Certified by a 3rd party testing institute. The Raze solution is safe for children and pets.


Earth Friendly

Eliminates pollution and purifies the air without using any additional energy.

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Leaves No Trace

Protects your space without leaving marks, stains, or streaks on any surfaces.


24-Hr Protection

Raze is always on. Powered by the sun, using stored energy, the solution is active even at night.

Display your commitment to making your work environment safe and clean.

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Display your commitment to making your work environment safe and clean.

See RAZE Inside Clients
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Establish your company as a pioneer in adopting innovative, long-lasting sanitising solutions.

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For any further enquiries: support@nanoraze.com