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Design to last

Spray once to keep your workspace germ-free up to 1 years. 

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• Use light energy to break down indoor pollutants.

• Effectively decompose bacteria, viruses, organic compounds (formaldehyde), mold, odor.

• Earth friendly material, no nasty chemical .

• Long-lasting sterilisation up to 12 months.

• Self-sanitising coating does not affect daily cleaning.

• High market acceptability.


Total protected area:

20,264,104 sqft

Unlike any traditional disinfection work by market contenders, we put our highest regard towards forming the proprietary coating of nanoparticles.

Service Flow


Enquiry [3-7 days]

We’ll conduct a consultation meeting to understand the current hygiene of your business and how we can best serve you.

Phone: +852 3619 5848

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Raze Service [approx. 1 hour PER 1,000 SQ.FT.]

Our team will come in and coat your business with our protective solution. Every square meter of space will be sprayed by the air compressors to forming the fast-drying coating evenly.

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Up to 2 years of self-Cleaning 

Dry-off time of coating is 1 hour. Then, you’re protected from viruses, bacteria, odors, and germs for up to 2 years.

Full Coverage

Our full coverage package provides a comprehensive
service with protection for every square meter of your space

This includes:
Entire space including walls, floors, and ceilings.

As low as HK$4 per square foot

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High Touch Point

Our high touch point package tailor for different industries, targets the most frequently touched areas of your space. 

This includes:  
Tables, chairs, handles, handrails, light switches, and more.
(Walls, floors, and ceilings are not included)

Starting from HK$3,000

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High touch points of different industries: 

Mr Frank Chan Fan

Jp, Secretary For Transport And Housing

“With the application of photocatalyst, we hope our citizens and drivers are safe in specific public transportation.”

Mr. Lucas Lai

Head of Madera Hospitality Management

“I would recommend Raze service to anyone who is focused on improving long term results, and a significantly raising overall hygiene standards.” 

Mr. Lam Chi Ho

Head of Public Relation, KMB

“With using the general disinfectant, the environment is clean but it only lasts for a short period. With the technology of photocatalyst, the environment
is clean when it has the power of light, it makes disinfectant more all-rounded.” 

Display your commitment to making your work environment safe and clean.

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Establish your company as a pioneer in adopting innovative, long-lasting sanitising solutions.

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