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Hygiene is Health, Health is a Human Right

We’re re-thinking what it means to be clean.

When you build a home, you lay a sturdy foundation so that it doesn’t collapse.

We believe a hygienic foundation is the key to health. Raze utilizes science and innovation to embed hygiene into your home that eliminates invisible and harmful pollutants. Raze spray covers surfaces with a light-activated coating that eliminates pollutants and purifies the air.

Raze is an at-home and large scale solution for individuals, families, public spaces, and businesses.

We all deserve to be clean. 5% of all Raze Wood sales are also going to Habitat for Humanity, where you will be helping support low-income households of Hong Kong. 

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Our Hygiene Standards

non-chemical products

No Nasty Chemicals

Certified by a 3rd party testing institute. The Raze solution is safe for children and pets.

anti pollution

Earth Friendly

Eliminates pollution and purifies the air without using any additional energy.


24-Hr Protection

Raze is always on. Powered by the sun, using stored energy, the solution is active even at night.

long-lasting protection


Raze forms a structural coating over surfaces for up to 3 months of protection.

anti bacteria

Leave No Trace

Protects your space without leaving marks, stains, or streaks on any surfaces.

anti virus


Within 4 minutes, Raze targets and terminates invisible germs, bacteria, viruses, and pollutants in the environment.



Spray Raze products 35cm over cleaned surfaces to form a protective coating.



Activate photocatalyst by direct or indirect light to perform a chemical reaction that eliminates all harmful pollutants.



Enjoy prolonged protection from pollution, pathogens, bacteria, and germs and purified indoor air quality.



Spray Raze 35cm over wiped down surfaces to set your hygienic foundation.



Direct and indirect light ignites photocatalysts in Raze that eliminate bacteria, germs, viruses, pollutants, and odors.



Enjoy 3 months of protection with purified, pollutant-free air.

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