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anti-bacterial spray

RAZE Original 3.0

Suitable for: Most Surface except metal and glass

best sellers

sanitizing wipes


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What’s it for

Instant sanitisation

Maintaining sanitisation

Protection time

up to 24hrs

up to 3months

What it eliminates

Bacteria, viruses, odour, VOCs (like formaldehyde)

Bacteria, viruses, odour, VOCs (like formaldehyde) and Mold


Not the average substance

Added Vitamin E And Aloe

Bleach And Chlorine Free

Effective solution

Instantly clean your belongings, surroundings

Forms Long-Lasting Protection On Surfaces

3 steps to a long-lasting germ free home




RAZE cleaning service

Our hygiene standard


No Nasty Chemicals

Certified by a 3rd party testing institute. The Raze solution is safe for children and pets.

anti virus

Earth Friendly

Eliminates pollution and purifies the air without using any additional energy.

long-lasting protection

24-Hr Protection

Raze is always on. Powered by the sun, using stored energy, the solution is active even at night.

self-sanitizing service


Raze forms a structural coating over surfaces for up to 3 months of protection.

protection service hk

Leave No Trace

Protects your space without leaving marks, stains, or streaks on any surfaces.

anti germs


Within 4 minutes, Raze targets and terminates invisible germs, bacteria, viruses, and pollutants in the environment.