Long-term Disinfectant Spray.

powered by raze photocatalyst technology. click here for product comparison chart.



Antibacterial Mask

Protection beyond filtration

Raze OriginalRaze LeatherRaze CeramicRaze WoodRaze Anti Mold
⫸ Usage AreaMost surfaces, except metal and glassHandbags, jackets, sofas, footstoolsSinks, kitchen and bathroom appliancesDecor, tables, furniture, chairsMoisture-prone areas such as kitchen and bathroom
┇ Bottle Size160ml / 20m250ml250ml250ml250ml
☉ Photocatalyst AgentWO3TiO2TiO2TiO2TiO2
➌ Protection TimeUp to 3 monthsUp to 3 monthsUp to 3 monthsUp to 3 monthsUp to 3 months
➠ Effective SolutionAll-rounded formula that can be superchargedGentle formula that doesn’t compromise appearancePrevent food-borne illnesses such as salmonellaPowerfully eliminates formaldehyde emitted from wooden surfacesLong-lasting prevention solution for festering mold
☑ Get Rid of formaldehydeYesYesYesYesYes