Photocatalyst Antibacterial Mask series provides a defense and continuous sterilization mechanism for every moment of your daily life. With the photocatalyst melt-blown midlayer, RAZE masks are securing your health by "protection beyond filtration", to ensure your safety and peace of mind for all day long.Different mask colors also can express your personal style and attitude towards life, day to day adding confident colors to yourself.

3-Ply Antibacterial Masks

Lilac Ash 3-Ply Mask
Cameo Pink 3-Ply Mask
Juniper Green 3-Ply Mask
White 3-Ply Mask
Navy 3-Ply Mask
Cedar Ash 3-Ply Mask
Grey 3-Ply Mask
Black 3-Ply Mask
Light Peach 3-Ply Mask
Mint Green 3-Ply Mask
Creamy Brown 3-Ply Mask
Milk-ty 3-Ply Mask
kapok 3-Ply Mask

4-Ply Antibacterial Masks

Lilac Ash 4-Ply Mask
Cameo Pink 4-Ply Mask
Cedar Ash 4-Ply Mask
Mint Green 4-Ply Mask
White 4-Ply Mask
Navy 4-Ply Mask
Grey 4-Ply Mask
Juniper Green 4-Ply Mask