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How To Effectively Fight Mold

Mold. The four-letter word evokes revolting images of black spots, grey fuzz, and white powdery film. We all hate seeing our loaves of fresh bread or basket of fruits being visited by these unwelcomed “guests”, as we know they’ve rerouted our food’s destination straight to the trash. So why do we hate mold? Are they all bad? And most important of all, how can we prevent being victims of their invasive nature?



First off, we have to acknowledge that not all types of mold are bad. In fact, mold is an integral component of some of our favorite foods. Brie, Camembert, and Blue cheese are all made possible because of mold. Mold is the element that gives them their unique characteristics, particularly Blue cheese!

Now, let’s talk about the problem makers.



The bad kind of mold, the kind that makes you go “yuck!” is one of the most common kind to plague households, especially those situated in more humid climates as mold tends to grow in dark and moist environments. Accidentally exposing yourself to mold, whether it be accidentally consuming some or breathing in the spores can cause damage to the human body. Bodily contact with mold can irritate your eyes, nose, skin, throat, and lungs, even if you’re not allergic.

Typically, damp places within a house are where mold is more prone to grow. Thus, one of the best methods of preventing mold is to reduce moisture and keep your spaces as dry as possible. A way to reinforce this is to use dehumidifiers in humid areas or during humid months (to all the folks in the tropical climate).

Another way to prevent mold growth is to incorporate Raze’s photocatalyst nanotechnology into your cleaning routine! Now hear us out… Our upcoming Raze Anti-Mold is tested to be 100% efficient in preventing mold growth! This is a huge deal! This means adding Raze into your regular cleaning routine won’t be all that regular, it will be an automated anti-mold routine.



So here’s your simplified anti-mold checklist:

  • Keep your environment dry and well ventilated
  • Wipe down surfaces that tend to be damp
  • Disinfect easily moldy spots (bathrooms, kitchens)
  • Spray our Raze Anti-Mold set!