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#CantStopSmiling: 3 Ways You Can Wear Your Mask Smile

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Since the launch of our 2D and 3D Antibacterial Masks in the last 2 months, it’s been a thrilling journey. We worked hard to restock after it first sold out within 72 hours. We realised, with the pandemic still at large or not, masks will remain a part of our everyday lives for a while. 

And for everyday, we deserve the best… but the best doesn’t have to be the most expensive. Photocatalyst protection means a better standard of protection that won’t break the bank. The mask was designed to protect, not hide. Wearing a mask everyday doesn’t mean you need to hide that smile of yours, and Raze wants to encourage you to keep smiling even behind the mask. The world looked a little darker with the virus clouding our everyday lives, and with constant mask-wearing, we all seemed a little less friendly too. 




1. Use your body language
Body language is important. Whether it’s your best friend, family or partner -- words can’t communicate everything. We may nod at passing strangers to convey a simple sense of acknowledgement. We might twirl our fingers through our hair when we want to get a special someone’s attention from across the room. We smile to say hello, show appreciation and spread joy. Let’s work to make happiness more contagious than COVID-19. This is why we want you to feel like you #cantstopsmiling even behind your Antibacterial Mask.



2. Let the eyes do the work
Even with half our face covered, there’s a lot to express with our eyes and upper half of the face. Janine Driver, founder of the Body Language Institute and trained as a lie detection expert, says that “With true happiness, we see it with wrinkles on the side of our eyes.” There are even different types of smiles, from the “true enjoyment smile” to the “Duchenne smile”. Essentially, it's smiling so hard you can see it in your eyes. Whether it's a slight wrinkle or a laugh so hard that your eyes crease up -- like the photo, this powerful type of smile is a powerful way of communicating sheer joy.



Social contact is important in a world that is starting to fully embrace a remote lifestyle. As human beings, we’re social creatures in nature. A lot of us may have experienced quarantine, isolation or days spent away at home without interaction, and our mental health has demonstrated to significantly suffer under these conditions. The implications of the pandemic have been devastating: 4 in every 10 adults in the U.S. reported to develop symptoms of anxiety and depression since the beginning of the pandemic. This is why showing your smile behind the mask is more important than ever. If masks are inevitable, why not make the most out of it? It’s said that our eyes are the window to the soul, and we’ve spent most of our lives trained well to read eye contact and movement. A genuine smile, or laugh, requires full effort from the entire face. Let the eyes, eyebrows and forehead do the work for you -- we promise it’ll be the best workout you can do for your mental health and others! 



3. Express yourself with different mask styles
Besides wearing masks in fun colourways or classics like our new navy blue, grey, white and black, there are ways to maintain social interaction even when you need to protect yourself both indoors and outdoors. Pair our navy blue mask with your favourite pair of denim jeans. Wear your classic white with your favourite business-oriented outfit. Grey isn't boring: like ash, lead and metal, there's a grey for everyone. Black, of course, is perfect for anyone looking to align their all-black closet with the right mask.



Show us your smile behind the mask by tagging us at @razetechnology and #cantstopsmiling. Even better, show us in-person and bring your BFF, parent, child, boyfriend or girlfriend to enjoy a buy-1-get-1 deal on everything including our Antibacterial Masks