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4 Benefits: Why You Should Raze Your Workplace

Whether you’re on WFH mode or starting to go back to the office again, Raze has you covered for all-rounded protection. Remote working was a huge movement that echoed across different industries, and those who embraced it were more likely to be successful and COVID-resilient. Going to the office may never be the same either, in an age where hot desks, co-working spaces and multi-disciplinary teams were already prevalent long before the pandemic. 



As you’re reading this today, chances are that you may have just had a long working day. Were you in a crowded office with your colleagues, scrambling for takeaway using whatever free space you could find? Or did you spend the day on your usual WFH routine, trying to get work done whilst managing all your other at-home responsibilities? Either way, if your workplace looks like an unhygienic mess, Raze is here to change that so you can spend your time on what matters more. Here are the top 5 things we can do for you on hardcore work-mode. 


1) Less time cleaning, more time de-cluttering

We don’t know about you, but cleaning always calls for procrastination. Oftentimes, our cleaning is left to a pile of dishes or tasks that can take up an entire day. Cleaning can be good for the soul; there is a unique satisfaction in re-gaining control of your environment and finding calm in an organised space. But instead of finding yourself struggling with three different tasks at once, why not center your attention around de-cluttering rather than actual cleaning? The act of de-cluttering -- otherwise known as putting things where they belong -- can be incredibly therapeutic. You can heighten your attention span with less visual clutter in your environment distracting you. A fresh start can also be what you need: de-cluttered spaces can help uplift your mood, alleviating any underlying tension or stress. 



Raze can help you focus on de-cluttering with automated cleaning that’ll give you 3 months of rest. Instead of spending your Sundays slaving away, deep-cleaning the kitchen and bathroom, spend 4 days a year instead. Work in peace, knowing Raze is doing the cleaning for you so you don’t have to. 


2) Original-Fits-All

Instead of overloading your cleaning cupboard with all the sprays and wipes you have for each room, try taking on a reductionist approach with Raze Original. The reason why you may have a designed kitchen disinfectant might be because it works to tackle related-issues like grease and mold. Although highly effective, Raze Original works to maintain the performance of your household disinfectants by keeping the surface clean for you. Our Original formula is known for its high multi-surface compatibility, so you won’t have to worry about using this for that. Oh, and for any pandemic-related concerns: Raze Original 3.0 is now certified to inactivate >99.9% SARS-CoV-2



It’s a one-size-fits-all philosophy that makes hygiene easy money for you. Raze can help you simplify your cleaning routine, because who wants to take up all that space for cleaning supplies? Use Raze Original for all your workplace needs -- from the desk to the pantry to the meeting room. Return to work safely knowing that you're protected against COVID-19 with Raze Original 3.0.


3) No toxic gases or unwanted, lingering smells

This is an important one. Using Raze won’t leave lingering formaldehyde or other harmful VOCs that traditional disinfectants typically leave traces of. Harsh bathroom disinfectants may smell like lovely lemons at first, but this strong, pertinent fragrance is there to mask the toxic chemicals you don’t want staying in your freshly cleaned bathroom. Although fragrance can smell good, it might not be something you want lingering in your home for long. 



This is especially relevant for those of you with children or pets. Cleaning disinfectants can be more harmful to the more sensitive folks out there, causing allergies or unwanted symptoms. All of Raze’s products are formulated without fragrance, alcohol or bleach to ensure the safest and non-toxic outcome. This is why we decided to do this across our photocatalyst and Essential products: to make hygiene a user-friendly and inclusive option for everyone


4) Purify indoor air 24/7

If you’re working in an enclosed office space, your cubicle is probably not the best filter to protect you from dangerous pathogens. The SARS-CoV-2 virus is said to thrive in the living environments we’re comfortable in: room temperature, 50% humidity and a surface to sit on. Air-conditioning is often a way of life for many of us, but unfortunately it can also prolong the spread of COVID-19 in an indoor space, constantly spreading the particles around the room. This is why air purification is important, especially if you have no choice but to work in a small space with others. 



With Raze Original certified to inactivate the virus, it also works to decompose pathogens not only on the surface, but in the air too. Much like a source of air purifier acting like an invisible warrior, it's a much more budget-friendly option compared to big air purification machines. Take the extra precautions to tackle the unseen pathogens in the air, as well as the surface too. We spend 8 hours of the day in the workplace, where we eat, drink, and interact with others. Think about your working environment right now: how much protection do you need

With all these factors in mind, you may want to consider getting a professional service from us for your office space. Effective for up to 12 months, we can help you coat the less obvious but perhaps more dangerous high-touch areas, such as door handles and controls. Better yet, Raze360 is an all-encompassing solution that works to serve all your hygiene needs. Embrace time-saving benefits with prolonged protection and rapid, but gentle instant disinfection with a combination of all our products, specialised for you.


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