Scent Stories

Scent Stories

Amidst the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives, there is a yearning to cultivate a tranquil haven - a place to unwind, restore, and rejuvenate. Our lifestyle collection, inspired by the magic of nature, creates a perfect realm of plant-based wellness essentials and aroma that offers a fragrant escape - a symphony of scents that evoke memories.

Energizing, calming, balancing - each scent is designed to bring harmony and vitality into your home. Elevate your daily rituals with our range of timeless home fragrances and personal care products, and immerse yourself in a world of heartfelt dedication to your self-care journey.


Our scents



“refreshing tranquil blend with floral warmth, a gentle awakening.”

There's a beauty in being gently stirred awake. Basil and lavender mingle, a serene herbaceous green, energizing you with vitality in an unhurried rhythm. Pure white orange blossom greets you, like a soft embrace amidst the green grass. The horizon blooms with natural floral splendour, a concentration of fragrant power. The greenness and floral notes linger, gliding towards a subtle musk, wrapping you in a warm embrace.

Let this be your dawn's first light, welcoming the praises of spring with a rejuvenated spirit, ready for the day to bloom gently.



“grounding in the powdery blend of sacred cedar and soothing violet.”

Stepping into a peaceful sanctuary, as the sun setting on a long day of chasing dreams…

The sweet fragrance of cedar and violet fills the air, creating a powdery and comforting aroma that immediately relaxes the mind. The sacred cedar serves as the centrepiece, emitting light smoke that lulls you into a hypnotic trance. A poem made up of hinoki wood, suede leather, and musk fills the air as you settle into bed, with the calming and grounding scent of cedar and violet guides you into a deep sleep, reminding you to cherish moments of self-care and relaxation.



“enchanting aroma with a whirl of sweet fruit and woody forest.”

As the season of figs arrives, a wondrous fragrance with a hint of creamy coconut filters through the surrounding forest. The crisp of fig leaves blends harmoniously with the alluring sweetness of the dark fruit's succulent juice, summoning all who are near as spring and summer blooms. The distinctive notes of solid sandalwood and white cypress are gradually uncovered, creating a depth and richness to the aroma. A curious interweaving of fruity and woody scents blend flawlessly, evoking a sense of tender affection.

Embrace the essence of this enchanting scent that offers a soft and sweet response to the senses.

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