Maximizing the Performance of Your Reed Diffuser


Reed diffusers offer a more subtle aroma compared to candles, due to their slower diffusion process. They are perfect for smaller spaces or for those who prefer a delicate scent. Unlike candles, they do not require a flame, aerosol or electricity to work. Simply insert the reeds into the fragrance and allow it to diffuse. What's more, reed diffusers leave no residue, making them a fuss-free option.

To optimize your reed diffuser's performance, place it in an area with good airflow such as near an open window or vent. This ensures that the fragrance fills the space and scents the entire room. However, avoid placing the diffuser too close to prevent the fragrance from evaporating quickly.

Over time, the fragrance from the reed diffuser may weaken. When this happens, simply turn the reeds over so that the dry end is now submerged in the fragrant base. This allows the reeds to absorb more oil, and in turn, diffuses more fragrance into the room. By following these simple steps, you can enjoy the long-lasting fragrance of a reed diffuser with minimal effort.

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