Candle Scent Profiling Decoded


Candles have three distinct notes that contribute to their overall fragrance.

The Head Note - the initial impression you get when you smell the candle or open its lid. This note is the most volatile and evaporates quickly.

The Heart Note - the middle note that develops after 10 to 20 minutes of burning and is the prominent fragrance when you light the candle.

The Base Note - also known as the Dry Down, offers lasting qualities that linger even after the candle is extinguished.

The second factor that affects a candle's fragrance is its Throw. There are two types of Throws: Cold and Hot.

Cold Throw refers to the aroma a candle gives off when it has never been lit, while Hot Throw refers to the scent released when the wick is lit or the wax is heated.

A candle with a good Cold Throw can fill a room with its fragrance even if it hasn't been lit yet. Vegan candles, especially soy wax candles may have a wider Cold Throw compared to other types of candles.

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